I don’t know why I even care
Cause I’m never really there I don’t know what we could’ve done.

And maybe this time, I’ll learn how to love again.
I will always be your friend.
See, this is why we don’t talk anymore,
’Cause you’ll always be waiting to settle the score.

And every second could be the next meltdown.
If I wasn’t leaving, you wouldn’t make a sound

"We’re just dating right now, we’re not married, we don’t know what’s going to happen. You worry about your future, I’ll worry about mine."
Was what you said while I was in the hospital while we were arguing about seeing each other. Before you proceeded to ignore me the rest of the time I was there.
So, now that I’ve taken time to myself to recover and grieve, it’s a problem?Aside from that one night I haven’t seen my friends, it slightly disgusted me how much I talked about you and all our problems even when drunk out of my mind. No one should have that influence over my life. No one should be more important to me than myself, because at the end of the day I’m all I have.
I’ve been recovering from another surgery, doctors, blood work, lawsuits, getting sick day notices so I don’t fail school and lose my other job. I’m sorry you aren’t my priority right now, but I’m not yours either. So please spare the victim act and the caring of what happens to our relationship. We’ve been fighting long before this and a few simple promises, talk of kids, and Disneyland trips aren’t going to fix what’s clearly broken.
Sometimes, I’m not sure if what you say is real or if you’re telling me what I want to hear in order to stay with you.
Thursday nights are my only sacred nights because of defiance with my dad and Tuesdays when it’s awkward season, and here you are complaining about me not texting.
You suffer no repercussions for ignoring me for days but the second I don’t respond I must respond now and I must be trying to get rid of you. For treating you exactly the same way I’ve been treated and not fighting you. I’m doing exactly what you want and you’re still unhappy.
If you want to end it, then end it, you’ve wanted to for months you’ve said it yourself. Don’t be scared this time. I know that you’ve been talking with others, and wanting to hang out with them. That’s why your password suddenly changed.
Don’t pretend I’m dense. Leave.


R.I.P Robin Williams.

A man who knew how to make the world laugh and cry. You will always have a special place in all of our hearts.

If you or anyone you know is battling with severe depression and thinking of Suicide please call 1-800-273-8255 For the National Suicide prevention hotline.


Real bands save fans, Real fans save bands

The Queen is even like “im done with this shit”


Jennifer Lawrence in “Catching Fire”.


Jennifer Lawrence in “Catching Fire”.

Short Change Hero by The Heavy

Also known as the amazing song played at the beginning of Borderlands 2


Best political cartoons

I probably shouldn’t be drinking this soon after getting out the hospital but we did anyways! And it was fucking great, honestly I love my friends and I’ve known all of them since I was pretty little. Sometimes I forget how much fun we can simply have in the neighborhood, especially laying down and looking at stars and what not. Also reconciled with an old high school rival who ended up being a sister major and hating the “college experience” as much as I did, especially being the middle class Palmdale kid who’s intelligent but no near as rich as your friends thing, and it was just wonderful to talk about everything. I loved it. I loved tonight.
Thanks for brining me to existence dad and thanks for helping me stay alive. I really appreciate it especially at this moment, it’s just one of those unsaid things.


id rather be vain than learn to hate myself again

"Do you ever just crave someone’s presence? like you would literally be happy just sitting next to them & it could be completely silent."

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"Some nights all you can do is sleep and hope tomorrow is better."

  • me: Im really not that excited about college
  • me: then go give them twenty-four thousand dollars and leave me the fuck alone


Highway Patrol officers — wearing no SWAT gear — arrived in Ferguson late Thursday afternoon. Cheers greeted the announcement by the head of the patrol, Capt. Ron Johnson, over a megaphone that he and his officers were “going to march with you.”

Johnson told reporters: “I understand the anger and fear the residents of Ferguson are feeling, and our police officers will respect both of them.”


Missouri Governor puts highway patrol in charge of Ferguson (X)

It’s amazing how they were able to survive the “angry mob” and even walk among them without riot gear. Could it be possible that listening to and validating black people’s concerns over the anti-black police force could actually do some good? Could treating them like real live human beings instead of insulting, threatening, terrifying, and assaulting them can actually make a difference? 

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A message from Anonymous

Have you heard of this police shooting civilians junk? I really miss your work and your writing on civil rights return soon! I've also noticed your politics and news blog has gone quiet lately and I can't find any articles of current events on your website. Hopefully you haven't turned your interests and writing elsewhere.

The police have been infringing upon civilian rights for quite some time now, I hope Americans really take a stand towards this. We shouldn’t be afraid of our government, they should be afraid of us, what the police have been doing lately is terrorism and I’m honestly surprised I haven’t heard anyone else use that word to describe it.

Since I’ve been really sick I haven’t been able to write (or think clearly) and I’ve been on some heavy sedatives (so my keyboard/screen looks like gibberish) so I’m not fully up to date on current events and all these police/civilian shootings.
Oh no, I have a 6-8 week leave for the rest of my recovery time but I’ll probably return to writing before then. Thank you!^-^